Shelter Members

If you are a licensed Animal Shelter or foster dogs at your home and hold adoptions and you need help with funding to pay the expenses of foster care prior to adoption, our Foundation can help with the expenses for each dog that you place into a home of an adoptee who lacks fund to pay for the cost of adoption..

How Does the Program Work?

For Dogs who are placed into a Home, and Owners who qualify for the Program, we will pay all the expenses for you to provide a foster or permanent home for dogs so they are not euthanized by local pounds and shelters.


Click Apply below and fill out the required forms.
You will receive a registration number.
Go to any animal shelter or local pound and give them your registration number and our contact information.
Go to any animal shelter or local pound and give them your registration number and our contact information.

If you qualify for the Program, Forever Care No Kill Pet Rescue Foundation Provides:

Pet Food
Veterinary Medical Care forever (yearly booster shots)
Pet Microchips and Licenses (Rabies Shots, as scheduled
Pet Toys and essentials forever
Pet Grooming (up to 3 times per year)


Rescue and Donations

Support To Local Police, Fire Department & Ambulance Service

What happens if you are in a car accident? What if you are taken from your home because of illness? What if your house sustains fire damage, what do you do? When disaster strikes, the family dog will likely be taken to the pound and end up being euthanized if no one claims the dog in a short period of time. Older dogs will not be cared for. Forever Care Pet Rescue Foundation, if called, will step in and place an animal in foster care until the owner is able to return, and/or we will work with one of our Forever Care Pet Rescue Foundation Partner organizations, or individuals, and make sure the animal is cared for while waiting for a new forever home.

For those EMT officers, firefighters and ambulance personnel, who rescue dogs and notify us for pick-up (instead of the pound), Forever Care will donate $200 to the charity of its choice for every day processed through the Program.

Contact Us Below To Join The Police, Firefighter & Ambulance Program.

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Call 1-480-432-7710 for more information on becoming a partner or supporter.