Forevercare No Kill Pet Rescue Foundation

This program is all about placing dogs into safe homes
before shelters have the opportunity to euthanize them.

Forever Care

 No Kill Pet Rescue Foundation

In order to adopt a dog , the Forever Care No Kill Pet Rescue Foundation will need the Adoptee to submit an Application, along with documents to verify your income, such as:

  • Valid Driver’s license / picture ID
  • Proof of fixed income (i.e., retirement Check, public assistance / food stamp evidence)
  • Recent and at least a 3 month old utility (if an issue, explanations accepted)
  • Photos of your home, inside, front, side and back (the more photos the better)
  • Copy of property lease or deed or proof of ownership, or rental agreement
  • Cell phone # / to be verified at time of picking up dog(s)
  • 3 friends or relatives contact information with cell phone numbers